Postal Solutions, Inc.

Mail RECEIVING serviceS

TEXT/EMail notices

We, will, on your behalf, receive Packages & Mail. We will notify you when you receive Packages and/or First-Class mail. by email/text

parcel receiving service

We will, on your behalf, accept all packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and any other carrier that may deliver to you.


You may leave any item with us for pickup by another party or carrier. Anyone that you give your mailbox key to can access your items.


We will, on your behalf, accept all mail including restricted delivery, certified, registered and insured mail.


Postal Solutions, Inc. will on your behalf, accept all types of mail, including various types of mail, packages and sizes. Current privacy laws restrict anyone except the U.S Postal Service and law enforcement agencies from obtaining personal information about you at this location without a court order.



Per month



Per month



Per month


*rate only applies to new customers opening a mailbox for the first time*

first Time opening Our Mail Service?

When you open a mailbox with Postal Solutions Inc. for the first time we will give you 1/2 price on all mailbox services for a period of 6 month min./1 yr. max.
There is no additional setup fee besides a $10.00+ tax, REFUNDABLE key deposit.
For example: A small box for 6 months total cost is $76 including refundable key deposit ($10.00) sale plus tax. All prepayments are fully refundable for the unused service. After the 6 month/ 1 year opening price, you will be charged at regular price if you choose to renew your services. If you do not want to renew services, return your key and get your key deposit back (no fees or extra charges).

Upon Opening Mailbox: identification Required



Address your mail and
packages to

[Your Name or Business Name]

4733 Torrance Blvd. #___________ [Add your Box #]

Torrance, CA 90503-4100

Frequently asked questions

In the future we will offer an online service,  you will be able to pay your mailbox rent online. 

We will provide the paperwork as needed online however, we need customers to physically be present when opening a mailbox to provide proper identification. 

You will need your Driver’s License, as well as another form of Identification of proof of address. You can bring in a AAA Card, Costco Card, Passport or California Issued Identification Card. You will be able to fill out the paperwork in stores, no need to bring anything else. 

When our store closes so does the access to the mailboxes. We are not a 24 hour mailbox receiving location. 

We will, on your behalf, accept all mail and packages once you are a mailbox renter. We will receive all mail including, certified, registered and insured mail. We will receive all packages on your behalf, from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and any other carrier that may deliver to you. 

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